VOCI Goes Vegas: Annual Auction & Fundraiser - Feb 27, 2016

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Feb 27 2016 - 6:00pm
Great Court at the Canton Cultural Center for the Arts
1001 Market Ave N.
44702 Canton , OH
United States
Ohio US
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VOCI Goes Vegas

Join us for a fantastic evening at the 3rd Annual Voices of Canton Auction & Fundraiser: VOCI Goes Vegas.This is a fun-filled evening each year, and a great way to support your local choral arts in Stark County!  Purchase tickets online using the button below, or call the VOCI Box Office at 330-452-4098.


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Saturday, February 27, 2016

VOCI Goes Vegas will be held in the Great Court at the Cultural Center for the Arts.
1001 Market Ave N.  Canton, OH 44702


Dinner is being catered by Mr. Mikes and includes your choice of main entree: Boneless chicken breast, strip steak, or scrod. Meals also include red mashed potatoes, green bean almondine, side of pasta, dinner salad, roll and butter, coffee and tea, and chocolate and vanilla cupcakes.

$1,000 Grand Prize Event: Reverse Raffle

The reverse raffle ticket is included with your purchase of the event ticket. A reverse raffle is the opposite of a "normal" raffle. How? The last number drawn wins the prize. The final 5 guests in the raffle will have the option of splitting the prize or continuing to draw numbers. If the 5 guests vote to split the prize, the raffle ends and they all win. This goes on until the choice is made to split or there is only one number left.

Pandora Jewelry Set

Anne Marie's Fine Jewelry is the proud sponsor of a lovely Pandora jewelry raffle drawing this year!  For a chance to win this beautiful Pandora set, entrants will purchase a small necklace at the event, and their number will be added to the Pandora Set drawing.

This set features a crystal clasp Pandora bracelet with two 'sweet music' charms, two Murano faceted beads, and a crystal drop charm; a Pandora crystalized floral ring, and Pandora crystal hoop earrings.



Exciting Vegas Games

Side Board Tables: $2, $3, $5

There are 3 tables set up, one for the $2 side boards, $3 side boards, and $5 side boards. However many tickets have been sold is how many numbers will be on each table (example: 200 tickets are sold, so side boards will have #'s 1 - 200). Any guest can purchase as many numbers as they would like from any of the 3 tables. When the "Main Ticket Number" is pulled and out of the Reverse Raffle, if you purchased the same number from the side board that ticket is out as well. 

To win, if your side board ticket is the same number as the "Main Ticket" winner, you win half of the side board money. The amount you win will depend on which side board ticket you purchase.  (Note: Each of the #7 sideboards will be auctioned off with the #7 raffle ticket. See 'Lucky #7' below.)

Buy Backs

In a Buy Back, you have the option to purchase your ticket number for $10 to put back into the drawing after your ticket has been pulled once. Example: Ticket #18 is pulled. If the owner of Ticket #18 purchased their Buy Back, then #18 is put back into the raffle for a second chance. Only one Buy Back is allowed per ticket number. (A Buy Back from Ticket #7 is not allowed.)


This is a simple, fun way to win money. You purchase 3 bead necklaces for $10. To play, everyone with the necklaces stands up, and you either put your hands on your head or your tail. The announcer flips a coin. If the coin comes up heads and your hands are on your head you keep all your beads. If the coin comes up tails and you have your hands on your head you have to take off one bead necklace, or vice versa. You keep playing the game until there is a winner. The winner gets half the money raised for the heads/tails game.

Lucky #7

Ticket #7 will not be sold and will be auctioned off after the 8th number remaining has been drawn. Whoever purchases Ticket #7 is guaranteed a 1 in 7 chance of winning the grand prize. Ticket #7 will stay in the drawing until their ticket is drawn, just like every other number. A Buy Back is not available for #7. Sideboard tickets for #7 will also be auctioned at this time.

Silent Auction

Throughout the evening, guests can bid on terrific silent auction items including:

  • Akron Rubber Ducks Tickets
  • Tickets to the Canton Ballet
  • Canton Charge Tickets
  • Cleveland Cavaliers: Tristan Thompson Autographed Hat & Cavs pack
  • One night stay at McKinley Grand Hotel
  • Overnight stay at Mountaineer
  • Shearer's basket
  • Canton Symphony Tickets
  • Chili's Gift Card
  • Sparta Steak House Gift Card
  • Cibo's Spaghetti Restaurant Gift Card
  • Donato's Pizza Gift Cards
  • Nicholas Grahame Massage Gift Card
  • Shades Hair Salon Basket
  • Desert Inn Gift Card
  • Two Wine & Cheese Baskets
  • Ceramic Beer Mugs & Beer
  • Gardening Basket
  • Children's Basket
  • Kitchen Basket
  • Chocolate Basket
  • OSU Basket
  • Musical Items Basket
  • "Night Out" Baskets
  • Pet Baskets
  • Delicious homemade bread
  • Lottery Ticket Basket
  • "Booze" Basket
  • El Campesino Gift Card
  • Bravo! Italian Restaurant Gift Card
  • Roosters Restaurant Gift Card
  • Chick-fil-A sandwich Gift Cards
  • Purses
  • Membership to Spring Hill Historic home
  • All Occasion Bakery Gift Card
  • Beautiful jewelry
  • Valentino Backpack
  • Deliciously Different Candy Fudge Gift Card
  • V Li's Thai Cuisine Gift Card
  • Quaker Steak 'n Lube Gift Card
  • Sterlite Basket
  • Hosner Carpet Gift Card
  • Gloria Jean Heartfelt dresser
  • Holly Herron massage gift card
  • Foxy Golf mini golf kit