Chorus Auditions

Do you want to be a part of Sing Stark? We have auditions coming up for our Main Chorus and here is what kind of choir we are hoping to create!

  • Musical excellence – creating quality choral music
  • Create a culture of positive choral contributors who will work together as an ensemble, take individual ownership of their music, and spread only positive attitudes that allow for a healthy atmosphere. Negative attitudes or actions which work against this desire for a healthy choral culture will not be welcomed or tolerated.
  • Utilizing quality vocal technique and blending as an ensemble at all times
  • Exploring diverse choral selections that explore various genres and time periods that strengthen the choir and positively attract a wide audience in our community
  • Working hard both individually and as an ensemble to attain musical excellence & a positive atmosphere in which all singers can enjoy what we create together


Audition Process:

What to expect- The director will use the audition process to identify musical skills of every auditioning singer to determine who will be the best fit for the ensemble. Every auditioning singer is NOT guaranteed a spot in the choir. Admission in the choir will be based on musical skills demonstrated in the audition process.

The director will take all auditioning singers through the following process:

  1. Warm-ups (No preparation necessary)
    1. Director will take the singer through two (2) vocal warm-ups. This will be to hear the singer’s range (highest and lowest note), general timbre of their voice, and strongest part of their range.
  2. Ear Training (No preparation necessary)
    1. Director will play two (2) 4-8 note melodies on the piano and ask the singer to sing them back.
    2. Director will play three (3) chords, each with 3 notes. For each chord, the singer will be asked to find and sing the highest, middle, or lowest note on any neutral syllable.
  3. Prepared Singing (Preparation necessary)
    1. Singer will perform a one-to-two-minute excerpt of a prepared solo. An aria, art song, hymn or folk song are acceptable. The vocal selection should demonstrate the singer’s strength in range and vocal quality. Be prepared to sing a cappella - director will provide opening pitches and chords for the singer.
  4. Sight-reading from a choral score (No preparation necessary)
    1. Director will have the singer sight-read a brief selection from a SATB choral piece. Singer will have a brief moment to observe the passage before singing. Director will provide opening pitches and chords for the singer.